Monday, October 20, 2014

DIY Necklace Organizer

I really stepped out of my comfort zone this weekend and did my first project with fabric!  I'm so excited to share it with you because it's also my first official project for my closet!  

Isn't she a beauty?  This necklace holder was really fun to make and surprisingly I found everything I needed at my Hobby Lobby store!  Seriously, everything I used is from there except for the jewelry.  

Here are the materials you will need:

-Cork Bulletin Board

-Spray Adhesive Glue
-Thumb Tacks (I used gold)
-Hot Glue Gun or E600
-Push Pins
-Pretty Buttons
-Small Wire Cutters

I started by picking out some pretty material that I liked and used spray adhesive to bond it to the cork board.  This was also my first time using this spry adhesive and if you are a pro with this then you will notice that I got the wrong one in the first picture above.  It was a temporary bond.   I went back and exchanged it for the permanent bond (pictured above) and this one worked really great!  

I placed the fabric over the sprayed area and after I smoothed out the wrinkles, I started pushing my gold thumb tacks into the very edge of the cork (between the wood and cork).  It took awhile because I wanted each one to look perfect and strait.  

This was the end result!  It looks beautiful already!

I then got my hot glue gun ready and pulled the extra fabric to the back of the board.  

I made sure to start at the corners and then the sides gluing like crazy!

Next I used some pretty buttons and some push pins to create the necklace holders.  I basically used some wire cutters to cut off the loop on the back of the button so it can be flat.  I then used my hot glue gun to fill up the space where the loop used to be and attached it to the end of the push pin.  

I then hung my necklaces on them!

(Note:  I would place the push pins where you want them to go before attaching the buttons.  I had to learn the hard way that the buttons will come off with pressure and you will have to hot glue them again.  You can also use some E600.  I've never used it, but I heard it's great for crafts like this)

And that's about it for this little project!  I'm so happy that what I envisioned in my head actually came to life!  Putting on my necklaces is definitely more fun now!

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Beautifying My Closet Project

There has been a project on my mind for a few months now and I'm so glad that I'm finally getting started on it!  Remember that Tour Through Blogland post I did a few weeks ago where I let you in on my next project, aka my closet?  Well I'm excited to finally show you how my project is coming along and all the plans I have for it!

Don't be expecting amazing after photos and beautifully displayed pieces just yet.  I'm still in the baby stages of this project and I'm thinking of making this a series to keep you all up-to-date on the little things I'm doing to reach my end goal.

You see, I have a complicated layout and I actually don't have a closet at all!  I just have a little section of a wall that is between another wall and a fridge.  

I used to have pictures hanging in this section because it was the first place I would go to in the morning to get dressed and seeing all these pictures would make me happy, not to mention that it was really the only wall I had to display them too.  I loved them there, I really did, but something just had to change.  My routine in the morning consisted of me going to my closet to get dressed, hightailing it to the other side of the room to pick out jewelry and then to the other side of the room again to look into a mirror and make sure everything looked good….did I mention my shoes were in a different place too?  So all together that's 4 places I had to go just to get ready in the morning.  (I pretty much covered every wall in the room.)  

Here's a picture of how my jewelry used to be stored.  I liked it when I first fixed it, but as time went on it became a nuisance.  I had trouble taking each necklace off and found myself taking several off to get to the one in the middle.  

It was time for something easier.  I thought and thought and looked for some inspiration online and the end result was this….

This is a picture of how I plan to make my closet look complete with plenty of jewelry storage, mirror and possibly even shoe storage, all in one place!  Yippie!  I say this setup will cut my getting ready in the morning by half!  

The furniture pieces might take a while to get since I'm on a seriously tight budget.  Still, I think a closed closet would make my space look neater and having cubbies with baskets, like this one I used in my little girl's room, would also help store more clothes without looking cheap.  I really don't like those plastic drawers for my closet anymore.  Especially since you can see through them!

So far all I've done is one simple little thing that has already made the space look 10X better!  I took all the pictures off the wall and replaced them with this mirror I already had.  Simple and no cost!  

I can't wait to get started on the rest of the projects and show you everything put together!  

What project have you been working on lately? 

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

How I Use my Grocery Deal List Printable

Remember a few months ago when I told you all on Facebook that I had just lost all my stuff due to my computer crashing?  I had so many FREE printables on there that I had made for you all only to be lost forever.  (I seriously cried!)  Luckily I had saved just a few of them online, including the Grocery Deal List!

The good news, it's saved and I was able to share it with you a few weeks ago!  The bad news, the original is lost and I can never edit this document again.  I would have to create a new one… maybe someday.

Today I'm going to show you how I use this free printable.  I'm not going to go exactly into how to coupon, but I'll be showing you the steps I take to make using this printable even easier!  (P.S.  I don't really type out my lists.  I just did it this time for a friend to make it easier to see.  Luckily I still had the copy.)

First, I search my favorite coupon blogs for the best deals.  I only use two websites for this, Hip2Save and Totally Target.  Usually these two blogs will post the list of deals along with coupon matchups the week before they come out.  So basically I'm getting a sneak peek and a head start on couponing.  They also lay out the deal for you so it's less stressful trying to figure out what coupons to use, where to find it and what the final price will be.

Next, I see if I have the appropriate coupons that I need for the deals.  This could mean clipping them from previous inserts to printing them from the computer or even sending a text on my phone to make sure I have them available (This is usually Target).

After I'm sure I have all the coupons for the deals I want, I start writing my items and the sale price it's at.  Notice next to that there are up to four spaces for you to write a coupon in.  I did that on purpose because I noticed that I could use up to four different coupons at one time!  (This is mainly at Target).  This way I can make sure before heading to the store that I have all the coupons I need for that one deal.  What coupons are they?  A Dollar off amount (such as $10 off your $50 Food purchase), a manufacture coupon, a target store coupon and Cartwheel offers are the only four you can use all together.

Then I write the final price the item should come out to after all coupons and discounts.

I also included a space for what store you are shopping at since sometimes the deals are for several different store.

Lastly, I left a notes section for any notes that needs to be written out.  I use this space to let myself know how many to get or maybe to write a certain brand or size of the product.

As for the colors of the free printable, I made each column a different color so it would make it easier for me to understand what went where.  I would probably get lost if everything was just black and white.

And that's it folks.  I really tried to make this printable as simple as possible.  If you've never tried couponing then I would check out those sites and start with just getting two or three things for your first transaction.  Everything will be laid out for you and both of those websites have How-To or Get Started sections to teach you what you need to know about couponing.  Even if you don't become an extreme couponer, you can knock up to 50% off your grocery bill just by using a few coupons here or there.

Hopefully this printable helps you as much as it's helped me.  Let me know if you used it and what you thought about it!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Tour Through Blogland

When Shannon from Bohemian Junktion asked me to join the Tour Through Blogland fun, I immediately said yes!

I found Shannon's blog through a link party (an online party where other bloggers link up their projects so other's can see).  I loved her blog from the get-go!  She has such a fun style and I loved how she is a queen at DIY on the cheap!  I messaged her and actually nominated her for the Leibster Blog Award.   I was excited when she said yes.  Check out her amazing talent for yourself with some of these amazing projects she's done.

Are you drooling yet?  Need more eye candy?  You can check out her blog here  and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to get your fix!  Now on to the questions for this post. 

1)  What am I working on right now?

Right now I'm working on my closet area.


I've shown you how it looked after I decluttered it a few months ago, now I'm working on incorporating a place for all my pretty jewelry.  I currently keep my jewelry in a drawer and on a wall (no picture of that yet).  I'm hoping to be done with this project before October, so stay tuned! =)

2)  How does my work differ from others in the same genre?

I don't know how it's really different from everyone else's, but I try my best to do and show my readers projects that are easy.  I know when I read other organizing blogs I like to see things that I can do myself.  Something that doesn't take much dedication or time to do.  I also love to make things look pretty.

It doesn't matter if it's something out of sight, like the drawer under the bathroom sink.

Or a command center that is seen by everyone.

If there is a way to make it pretty and functional, I will find it!

3)  Why do I create/write what I do?

I started this blog as a way to motivate myself into getting organized.  I wanted it as a way to track my accomplishments and hold myself accountable.  Organization is a learning process and it's always evolving.  I wanted to share my projects with everyone in case anyone else could get ideas.  I like helping people out, so if this is a way I can do that, then I'm happy to do it.

I'm not claiming to be a professional organizer or anything, I am still far from that and I'm still learning new things each and every day, but I hope I can help inspire anyone who is feeling over whelmed or needs a new idea on getting organized.

4)  How does my writing/creative process work?

I put a lot of thought into a project before I start it no matter how big or small it may be.  I'm talking months sometimes, really thinking about every detail and how it might work down the line.  You can see that in my Puzzle Organization post here where I debate weather to use plastic bags or not.

Every once in a while I'll do a small project and just make it up as I go, but those usually are the ones that don't work well.  Here's the process I used for some of my most successful projects.
  1. Be a guest in my own home.  I basically try to look at my house through "new eyes" as if I was looking at everything for the first time.  Sometimes we overlook things that don't work because we get so used to it already.
  2. I look around and see what works and what doesn't work.  I even see how I can make things work better.
  3. After pinpointing a problem, I try to think of a solution.  This is the time where I get inspiration from other blogs, pinterest or just with objects I know I would like to incorporate.  
  4. Implement the solution and use it for a while.
  5. Re-eveluate the project and see if it's working or not.  If not, then I repeat these steps until I find a good solution.  

That about sums it up for this part!  Now it's time to move on to the blog I nominated!

Robyn from Robyn's Little Nest!  Here's a little sneak peek into her awesome blog!  

I'm loving all of her organization inspiration!  From the coat closet turned entryway to the spices all nice and organized in the kitchen cabinet.  She even found a great way to organize all those project life kits so you can find exactly what you are looking for!  

Check out these and more awesome projects on her blog Robyn's Little Nest.  You can also follow her through these other social media outlets: Facebok, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  I can't wait to see your Tour Through Blogland on Monday Robyn!  

Before I end this tour I just wanted to give a quick thank you again for the nomination to Shannon from Bohemian Junktion!   What an awesome gal you are!  =)

I hope you all enjoyed this tour as much as I enjoyed putting it together!